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PEI Playwriting Workshop with Pamela Halstead

October 19, 2019

PEI PARC announces a play writing workshop in PEI in October: at the two day workshop you will have a chance to work with dramaturge and PARC Artistic Director Pamela Halstead.  Bring your script idea and/or a few pages of your opening scene to the workshop. Pamela Halstead will discuss your concept with you and ask dramaturgical questions to focus you and provide you a clear direction. After your discussion, you write over the night and then reconvene the next day with the group to talk about your results including challenges, outcomes and next steps. You will not be 'judged' on work accomplished, whether you write three lines, an outline or a whole play. It is about the process!

Don't miss the chance to hone your work with Pamela Halstead, she is a long time dramaturge with experience at the Banff Playwrights Colony and lead dramaturge for Lunchbox Theatre’s Stage One Festival and the PARC Playwrights Colony.

The workshop will be in the de Haviland Club lounge. There are 10 spaces. To confirm your spot you must -  1. message or e-mail melissa.hallaig@gmail.com 2. Send payment by cheque to PARC Business Admin office, Box 33038, Quinpool Road RPO, Hfx, N.S., B3L 4T6 or pay by credit card by calling 1-902-423-5358   If you aren't a current PARC member and want the reduced workshop rate of $50, you can add the $40 membership fee to your registration. Or pay $75 as a non-member. Spaces are confirmed once payment is received.

For PARC members who would like to continue to work on scripts following the workshop, there's an opportunity for a free Home Delivery in the months following with a professional dramaturge, plus a chance to meet again before our spring cabaret to get further feedback from Pamela and maybe read a few minutes of your script in the cabaret. A great bonus to encourage us to keep writing!

The dates of the worshop are Saturday October 19 from  10 - 1 pm and Sunday October 20 from 1 - 4 pm. The cost of the workshop is $50 for PARC members and $75 for non members. To sign up for the workshop or for more information please contact PARC rep Melissa Mullen at melissa.hallaig@gmail.com.