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PARC Playwright Profile for September 2020

August 31, 2020

Ron Kelly Spurles is the Artistic Director of Live Bait Theatre as well as the Director of Drama for the St Andrews Arts Council. He is the former Artistic Director of Montreal’s Imago Theatre, and Fredericton’s Notable Acts Theatre Festival.  Ron holds a BFA in Drama in Education as well as an MFA in Theatre Directing from Illinois State University. Spurles has directed more than forty productions for Montreal’s Imago Theatre, Halifax’s Eastern Front Theatre, the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, and Live Bait Theatre. Ron received a directing award from the Kennedy Centre for the Arts in Washington D.C., and was the Crake Fellow in Drama at Mount Allison University.

Ron has written more than twenty produced plays for the St. Andrews Arts Council, the Capital Theatre School, Live Bait Theatre, Illinois Shakespeare Festival Young Company, and other companies. His short play Frye won the 24-hour playwriting competition at the Frye Festival, and he is in the process of turning it into a full-length play to be premiered in the spring of 2021. His version of A One-Man Christmas Carol, which premiered at Montreal’s Imago Theatre, is being reprised in the fall of 2020 with Kelly Spurles again taking on the role of Dickens as well as more than 20 other characters. Ron also acts and teaches on a regular basis, most recently teaching a two-day directing workshop for the Saint John Theatre Company.