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The Playwrights’ Development Centres of Canada (PDCC)

The PDCC is a network of playwrights' development centres across Canada, mandated to share ideas and resources, advocate on behalf of its members and playwrights, and engage in cooperative activities that contribute to the vitality of theatre in Canada.

PARC was instrumental in the creation of the national network of Playwrights' Development Centres (PDCC), which is a network of arts organizations primarily devoted to the development of plays and playwrights in Canada. The organizations came together over 2001 and 2002 to establish a national network to communicate and share ideas, to advocate on behalf of the member organizations and the playwrights they serve, and to engage in cooperative activities that contribute to the vitality of Canadian theatre.


An initial meeting of the Centres was held in March 2001 in Calgary, at which there was unanimous agreement to investigate the formation of a network of Playwrights' Development Centres across Canada. This investigation was undertaken by the Centres and consultant Jini Stolk, with support from the Flying Squad of the Canada Council. The Centres and similar existing networks were researched, and the Centres discussed common needs, goals and strategies for working together. The creation of the PDCC national network was unanimously agreed upon at a meeting in 2002 in Ottawa, where the mandate, objectives, structure and core functions and activities of the new network were also decided.


The PDCC is a loosely-structured network in which each Centre has equal say in what is done and how it is done. The network uses its resources to increase the profiles and stature of its member Centres, and to prepare for larger, cooperative projects.

Core Functions

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