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January 17, 2020


JANUARY 17 and 18, 2020

With the support of Arts Nova Scotia, PARC is hosting four upcoming script development workshops followed by public readings.
Friday, January 17

7 pm Parlour Tricks by Jamie Bradley and Scott Owen with dramaturgy by Pamela Halstead.

Parlour Tricks is a new musical farce set in Victorian Halifax, about a failed mortician and his screwy assistant as they try to scam enough money to keep from going to jail...and they use a dead body...but really, it's about family and redemption (but that doesn't sound as funny).

8:30 pm ’Til Death Do Us Part by Katerina Bakolias with dramaturgy by Ann-Marie Kerr.

Til Death Do Us Part is a farce about love, marriage, and answering that age-old question: “If you can’t hide a body together, why are you getting married in the first place?”

Saturday, January 18

2 pm Ten Days by Michelle Langille with dramaturgy by Ann-Marie Kerr. 

During the ten days it takes Henri of France to die from a lance wound, power shifts among the three women closest to the throne; hisneglected wife Catherine de Medici, his mistress of twenty years Diane de Poitiers, and seventeen-year-old Mary Stuart who will become Queen.

3 pm  Love, Peace and Hair Grease by Tara Taylor with dramaturgy by Richie Wilcox.

Love, Peace and Hair Grease celebrates afro-textured hair, old/new thoughts and techniques, discovering Lauren’s hairSTORY.

Tara’s reading is in conjunction with the Eastern Front Theatre Playwrights Unit sponsored by RBC.


All the readings take place at the Cultural Federations of Nova Scotia at 1113 Marginal Road in Halifax.


Note: If you are coming for the second reading of a session, please enter quietly as times are not exact and the previous reading may still be in progress.

Come join the fun and meet the playwrights, actors and dramaturges who have been working on these scripts. Enjoy these fantastic readings for free and keep an out for these plays to be staged in the future!

See you there!