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PARC 2020 Playwrights’ Retreat: Interview with dramaturge Sara Tilley

May 11, 2020

PARC student intern Hannah Lucas interviews dramaturge Sara Tilley about her experiences as a dramaturge and her role at the PARC 2020 Playwrights' Retreat. Sara is a multidisciplinary artist from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. A graduate of the BFA Acting Program at York University in Toronto, Sara ran feminist theatre company She Said Yes! in St. John’s from 2002-2016. She’s spent time as an actor, writer, director, designer, puppeteer, dramaturg, performance artist and Pochinko clown teacher/performer. Sara’s written, co-written or co-created twelve plays, and published two award-winning novels, Skin Room, and DUKE (Pedlar Press, 2008 and 2015). Skin Room was translated into French as Écorchée and went on to be defended by Antonine Maillet on Radio-Canada’s Combat des livres 2018. Sara’s experience as a dramaturg spans fifteen years, and includes work with the Women’s Work Festival, She Said Yes!’ Mail-Order Dramaturgy program, and the 2013 PARC Playwriting Colony. To view the interview go here