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The PARC Playwright Profile for June 2021 is Sam Horak!

June 02, 2021

Sam Horak (she/her) is totally obsessed with the creation of story. She graduated from Dalhousie University with an honours in theatre and has been writing and directing plays since her cousins could walk.

For the past few years Horak has been busy transforming what started as an scrappy little autobiographical theatre piece (Halifax Fring festival, Gus’ Pub, 2017) into a full length fictional play called, So Not Punk Rock. Dealing with issues of trauma and mental health, the writing of this play has proved a huge step towards recovery. Horak is truly grateful to be able to continue on this journey and for the
support of PARC, EFT and the brilliant dramaturgs she’s met along the way.

Born both a film enthusiast and theatre nerd, Horak hopes to continue exploring storytelling and re-examining structure while maintaining her strong interest in gender equality. Past highlights include Rock N Roll Saved my Life (2017) (Playwright), The Coast’s ‘Best of’ bronze winner, Sissydude, a dandy rock musical (2013) (co-producer, director and dramaturg) and Halifax Fringe, award winning, Sit on my Face (2015) (co-creator, producer and director)