Brynn Cutcliffe’s The Prick Won the PARC PEI Award at Island Fringe Festival

Aug 10, 2023

Brynn Cutcliffe won the PARC Award at the Island Fringe Festival this year for her play The Prick. The prize was awarded on the last day of the Festival, August 6.
The PARC PEI Award Jury was “simply bowled over by the emotional resonance and technical specificity of Brynn’s script. Hilarious and heartbreaking, often within the same breath.”
Take a look at The Prick’s synopsis:
“Guenevere thought it would be easy: girl meets cactus, girl loves cactus, cactus loves girl back. She never meant for it to go this far. In this darkly comedic new play, battle lines will be drawn, and blood will be shed. The Prick is a love story — you’ve been warned.”
Congratulations, Brynn!