Kyra Harwood-Lister

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Kyra Harwood-Lister is known primarily as a Stage Manager throughout the theatre community, however she has just begun branching into the world of playwrighting. Her past Stage Management credits include Open Casket, Open Mic (Victoria Playhouse, 2022), Beyond the Sea (Victoria Playhouse, 2022), Real Estate (Victoria Playhouse, 2019), Where You Are (Victoria Playhouse, 2019), Going Under (New Music Theatre Intensives, 2017), Beauty and the Beast (Bravo Academy, 2017), Madam Mao (Azure River, 2016), Circle Mirror Transformation (Play Practice Collective, 2014), Return (Toronto Fringe Festival, 2014), Ephemeral (Devised Theatre Festival, 2014), The Servant of Two Masters (Toronto Fringe Festival, 2013), and bare (Toronto Youth Theatre, 2013).