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Marlene has a degree in political science from the University of Prince Edward Island. She has worked as a news reporter, in agriculture, and home care. Since 2003 she has held the position of Cultural Programming Coordinator with Culture Summerside, the arts, heritage, and culture department of the City. She has written the book, Vintage Christmas: holiday stories from rural Prince Edward Island, released in 2016 and Memories of Christmas released in 2022. Through her work she wrote the plays, The Dressing Room, and To the Power of Five. She has also written for Culture Summerside numerous radio dramas, and the book, Lighting the Way: The 100 Year History of Summerside Electric. Her latest project has been the play, The Conversation. It brought PARC into her life in 2022, which has proven an amazing experience. The Conversation was a winner in the Fresh From The Island Festival and The PEI Playwright Competition.

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