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Cat, an award-wining poet and playwright, was born and raised in England, overcoming left-handedness (sit on that and don’t use it!) and dyslexia (that’s unite, not untie!) in her determination to be a writer. She was educated at the University of Toronto, Athabasca University, and Ryerson University, and continues her studies on an on-going basis. Published widely in periodicals, her work has appeared in Where Toronto Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Guelph Mercury, Formula, Pets Magazine, Homemakers, Dogs in Canada, SpaLife, North American Inns, and Coastal Life, among many others. Her non-fiction book, Shylock’s Last Stand, dealt with sordid business dealings and weird participants in Stratford, Ontario, and was published in 1997. Her social satire stage play Welfarewell was the winner of the 2009 Samuel French (now Concord Theatricals) competition. Staged in 50 venues from Vienna to Vancouver, Welfarewell has been translated into Polish and German, and continues its highly successful professional run in Warsaw (eight years and counting). For a decade, she was a manager and press agent for five racecar drivers in Formula 1 and IndyCar. Theatre has been in her blood all her life, from writing, directing and acting in one-”woman” plays from the age of 4 to the present day with 30+ completed one- and two-act plays for the stage; prolific as all get out, she also writes screenplays (two have been optioned), teleplays, poetry (won awards for that, too), fiction, non-fiction and boring things like annual reports, wills and newsletters, and teaches writing classes. A highly experienced website copywriter, she has written SEO-driven pieces on everything from losing 20 pounds in 20 minutes to what to do if your dog is allergic to beef. Cat is an avid film buff, wine aficionado, art collector and reader, living near the coast in Nova Scotia with her collie dog, Skye, and five wicked, proofreading cats with manuscript veto power.

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Agent: Angela Argento, The Associates Talent & Literary Management, Toronto