Writing experience HOBBLEDEHOY (2023) full length play DYLAN (2022) full length play, shortlisted by The Druid Theatre in Galway and shortlisted by London Playwrights Blog. The first act was also read at the Baron’s Court Theatre Sunday’s Fix A DAY IN THE LIFE OF NOA FITZSIMMONS (2021) full length play, shortlisted by Traverse Theatre in Glasgow and shortlisted by the BBC Writer’s Room LITTLE WING (2016) full length play, produced by Five Minutes Before the Miracle at the Jack Studio Theatre in 2021 (postponed because of the pandemic) BITTERSWEET (2015) full length play 430 KING’S ROAD, an urban odyssey (2013) full length play, produced by Five Minutes Before the Miracle at Eat Me Drink Me in Hammersmith DEAR WALLIS (2011) full length play, produced by Exchange Theatre for the Giant Olive Theatre in Camden, London and by the Horse Trade Theatre in Manhattan, New York Short films (writer and director) IRISH VIOLET (2005) in French, subtitled in English. Produced By EICAR JUST FOR TODAY (2004) in English and French. Produced by EICAR Acting Part of Wallis in my play DEAR WALLIS in 2011 at the Giant Olive Theatre in Camden Different parts in short films produced by EICAR Two different characters in 50 EUROS a play directed by John Haggerty and produced by EICAR in 2005 Stage Management F*** MEN directed by Phil Wilmott at the Finborough Theatre London in 2008 Technical internship at the Arcola Theatre London in 2008 THE FLIES directed by David Furlong at the Camden Theatre London in 2008 MADAME’S LATE MOTHER directed by Samuel Miller at the Rosemary’s Branch London in 2008 ORAN RUE DES JUIFS directed by Sebastien Scherr at Theatre du Nord Ouest Paris in 2007 Different technical roles on several EICAR short film A few words about myself… I am very resilient. I have always bounced back stronger from the different setbacks I have encountered in my life. I heard recently that this is called being anti-fragile and not resilient, giving that not only you are bouncing back but you are bouncing back stronger and that is the anti-fragile part of it. I am courageous. I left Paris 15 years ago and came to London in order to work for the English theatre, not knowing anyone at the time and being quite isolated. I immediately found myself an internship at the Arcola theatre and a stage manager job at the Finborough Theatre. I was also working two jobs in Portobello road at the time. I am very teachable and I love to learn. When it comes to theatre and playwriting, so far I’ve learned everything by myself. I read a lot about theatre and a lot of plays, I watch interviews and talks online, I see plays onstage and I learn something each and every time I receive a feedback on my own plays. I thought I was a master procrastinator, but in the past few years I have discovered that I am actually a hard working person with a very strong routine and discipline especially when it comes to writing. I am quick. Again, I learn very quickly and I rectify my mistakes very quickly. When I was producing and directing my play Little Wing, I would, when necessary, rework passages of my play from one rehearsal to the other. I think, that I have now learned what it means to kill your darlings and I have become quite good at it. I am pro-active. I endeavored twice to produce and direct my work: 430 King’s Road with 11 actors (premiered in 2013 in a performing space in Hammersmith) and Little Wing which unfortunately, at the end of an eighteen months process, ended up not being performed because of the pandemic. I am dedicated. Playwriting is now my only professional activity. I currently try to work on two plays a year and one or two translations of my plays from English to French, a year. I have a strong imagination and a solid life experience, which makes for a good combination when it comes to writing plays. My plays so far are not about big dramas or big adventures but I like to depict slices of life and investigate human beings when at a tipping point, their capacity for transformation, transcendence and resilience. All these sprinkled with a good deal of fantasy, poetry and lyricism (By the way, I’ve also trained as an opera singer when I was younger). And finally, my other interests/hobbies aside from playwriting are cinema, ballet, music, photography, languages and cities/architecture.