Robyn Vivian


Robyn Vivian is a theatre artist and writer based in St. John's, Ktaqmkuk (colonially known as Newfoundland). She holds a BFA from Memorial University. Select performance credits include: “Other Worlds” (Geordie Theatre), "Sideshow Absurdica" (Under The Bridge Productions), "The Kraken" (Under The Bridge Productions/Salt Teeth Theatre Co./RCAT), "The Tales of Dwipa" (White Rooster Theatre/RCAT), "I want that free mind!" and "Cross Stitch" (Power Productions/lemonTree creations), and "Drinking Again" (RCAT). Playwriting credits include: "Equinox" (in development), "Lights Out" (Theatre Perimetric), "Deeper" (workshopped with TODOS Productions and again soon with Page 1 Theatre/OutFest), and "SNATCH" (Theatre Perimetric). Her digital short "BURROW," produced by Eastern Front Theatre in Halifax, was released this spring under their Micro Digital Creation Project series, and was presented again at CB Nuit in September. Robyn has also written columns for The Tempest and Riddle Fence.

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Robyn Vivian


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