Meg Edwards


Meg D. Edwards began her arts administration and writing career in the independent filmmaking scene in Toronto in the early eighties. Later she wrote film reviews for the feminist magazine, Kinesis, in Vancouver and in the nineties she wrote about technology for Toronto Computes, as well as film reviews for NOW Magazine, Festival Magazine and the industry magazine, Movie/TV Marketing. From 2000 to 2011 Meg Edwards was a regular contributor to the Times and Transcript daily paper published in Moncton, writing features and news pieces.

In 2011 Meg began a blog called Painfully about Me, now shortened to About Meg, and in 2016 Meg began her work with PARC as the Membership and Communications Coordinator and continued in that position before becoming PARC's Script Library Manager in 2020. Her first play Wrack and Ruin was a runner up in the 2020 Notable Acts Theater Festival and was given a staged reading. Her second play, Road Kill, had a staged reading in July 2021 at Live Bait’s New Works Festival.

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Meg Edwards


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