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Programs & Services

Playwright Development


Professional Development Workshops

At both introductory and advanced levels, offered in areas ranging from basic introduction to playwriting to the business of being a playwright in Canada.

A variety of workshops are offered by PARC for the professional development of our members and the wider community -  designed to appeal to playwrights at both the emerging level and master levels. Workshops are usually scheduled during our annual Playwrights' Conference every Fall, in tandem with our Annual General Meeting, the first Board meeting of the year and our annual Halifax Playwrights' Cabaret. Workshops have been offered on various topics including:  the business side of playwriting, a basic introduction to playwriting, what playwrights should know about theatre design, the director and the playwright in the rehearsal hall, the actor in the workshop setting, the dramaturge in the workshop setting and on “play finding” with Daniel MacIvor. The workshop and conference often feature panel discussions and informal conversations on topics of concern to playwrights and producers across Canada. PARC draws on the expertise of our membership, as well as visiting artists,  to run these workshops, and often partners with other organizations such as the Playwrights Guild of Canada, Playwrights Canada Press, the  Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia and Theatre Nova Scotia.


Playwrights’ Exchanges

Offering Atlantic playwrights the opportunity to work with damaturges and actors from other regions and to showcase their work.

From time to time, PARC arranges exchanges for member playwrights with other playwright development centres across the country. This allows playwrights to connect with dramaturges, actors and other playwrights from outside the Atlantic region, and experience the hospitality and services of a play development centre in a different part of the country. Usually an exchange allows PARC to invite a playwright from another part of the Country to take part in a PARC Colony. In the past, such exchanges have been arranged  with the Manitoba Association of Playwrights (MAP), the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre (SPC) and the Alberta Playwrights Network (APN). These possibilities are made possible by PARC's membership in the national network of Playwright's Development Centres of Canada.