Mission & Mandate

PARC was formed in April of 1991 to address the needs of Atlantic Canadian playwrights and playwriting.

The goals of the organization are to:

  • Contribute to the development of Atlantic Canadian scripts through programs and services designed to serve the playwrights’ needs in the creative process;
  • Assist in the professional development of Atlantic Canadian playwrights;
  • Promote the work of Atlantic Canadian playwrights and Atlantic Canadian Theatres; and
  • Document Atlantic Region works of theatre.

Strategic Pillars for PARC

PARC encourages originality in form and content, the exploration of voices and stories, and fosters all stages of playwriting and play development. 

PARC seeks such recognition for its member playwrights and encourages the growth of the creative form.  PARC strives for high standards in the delivery of its programs and services in support of the quality, skill, creativity and production worthiness of its member playwrights’ works. 

PARC recognizes playwrights need support in different ways based on their level of development and aims to make its primary programs and services available to the full spectrum of member playwrights.  

PARC delivers programming which celebrates, promotes, and uplifts diverse voices and perspectives with a goal of equity and inclusion reflected in the shows that make it to our stages.

To this end, PARC commits to a minimum of 30% representation for equity-seeking artists represented in the organization, programs and services – including board, staff, playwrights, dramaturges and actors.

PARC is committed to the Indigenization of the organization through the support of Indigenous artists, building relationships with Indigenous communities, and the ongoing education and working towards decolonization of our theatre practices. 

PARC seeks to build partnerships and to collaborate with those who share its goals.