Script Development

The Annual Playwrights’ Retreat

A two-week annual retreat for approximately ten playwrights, both established and emerging, to write, develop and refine a script with the support of a professional dramaturge and actors.

The Home Delivery Program

Providing long distance feedback to playwrights across the region from a dramaturge based anywhere in the country.

Jenny's Table Reading

Providing playwrights with a table reading of a new script. Can be done with or without a dramaturge and as a stand alone or funds can be used towards a larger workshop.

Script Development Workshops

Focused, individual, intensive workshops of a script with a company of actors and an experienced dramaturge, often ending with a public reading.


PARC can facilitate translation projects. Most common is French to English or vice versa, but other languages can also be facilitated.

Cultural Consultations

PARC can help you find the right person to assist you in consultation for characters or themes that are outside your own experience.