PARC Colony 2019

Playwrights 2019 Top Row: Lily Falk, Sharon King-Campell, Wesley Babcock, Juanita Peters Middle Row: Lindsay Kyte, Kenneth Wilson-Harrington Bottom Row: Ryan Griffith, Gillian Clark, Kathleen Hamilton, Tara Taylor, David Kennedy

Playwright Ryan Griffith and Dramaturge Ellen Peterson getting ready for his reading

Team for Ryan Griffith's play: L to R - Lesley Smith, Ailsa Galbreath, Melissa Mullen, Dramaturge Ellen Peterson, Charlie Rhindress, Playwright Ryan Griffith, Rob MacLean, Nathan Simmons, Melanie LeBlanc

Playwright Juanita Peters and Dramaturge Ellen Peterson

Waiting for a reading! Playwrights Ryan Griffith, Lindsay Kyte, Lily Falk, Wes Babcock, Gillian Clark and Dramaturge Richie Wilcox

Playwright Juanita Peters, Actor Nathan Simmons and Playwright Tara Taylor

Playwright Wes Babcock and Dramaturge Richie Wilcox

Reunited! Actor Rob McLean and Playwright Kenneth Wilson-Harrington, NTS classmates

Playwrights Gillian Clark and Sharon King-Campbell relaxing

Chilling in the common room - Playwrights Lily Falk, Wes Babcock and Gillian Clark with Actors Lesley Smith, Ailsa Galbreath and Nathan Simmons

Playwright Lily Falk knitting

Playwrights Lily Falk and Wes Babcock, Colony Coordinator Hannah Lucas and Actor Lesley Smith love up Lucy, Official Colony Dog

Wes Babcock, Richie Wilcox and Rob MacLean

Playwright Sharon King-Campbell and Dramaturge Ellen Peterson

Dramaturge Richie Wilcox and Playwright Tara Taylor

Dramaturge Richie Wilcox, Colony Coordinator Jarod Monk, Playwright Wes Babcock

Playwrights Lily Falk, Wes Babcock, Juanita Peters, Dramaturge Richie Wilcox, Gillian Clark

Potluck on Second Sunday - Actors have arrived! Lucy, the dramaturgy dog, standing by for duty!

Ducky's - L to R: Wes Babcock, Dramaturge Richie Wilcox, Juanita Peters, Dramaturge Ellen Peterson, Ryan Griffith, PARC AD Pamela Halstead, Gillian Clark, Lindsay Kyte, Tara Taylor