The PARC Playwright Profile for June is Jude Benoit (NL)!

Jun 7, 2024

Jude Benoit (They/them/nekem) is a Two-spirit interdisciplinary artist. They are an emerging playwright, a long-time protest art activist, a spoken word poet, storyteller and published author. They have often woven and drawn inspiration from their trans rights and environmental activism. They are Mi’kmaq from Ktaqmkuk, with both maternal and paternal lineage from Mi’kma’ki.

We made some questions for our members to know Jude Benoit better.

What are some Canadian plays every aspiring playwright or theatre enthusiast should read?

Squawk by Megan Gail Coles.
Bug by Yolanda Bonnell
The Unplugging by Yvette Nolan.

Tell us about the plays and/or playwrights that have shaped your artistic journey. Feel free to recommend a few must-reads that have been touchstones for your creative exploration!

Squawk was the first time I saw myself in the writing. I remember thinking maybe I could write something like this someday. It’s a heartbreaking read especially as a young indigenous person it was honestly hard to get through but the character was really powerful and the ending was hopeful. The other plays I’ve listed similarly written by Indigenous women and two spirit people I think that’s really important. For people like me to not just know that their is playwrights like myself but that they are writing truths. I like to think that it’s sharing stories in a healing and empowering way that’s important.

Do you have any unique rituals or routines that fuel your creative process? Whether it’s a specific writing space, a favourite writing snack, or a particular time of day when inspiration strikes, we’d love to know the behind-the-scenes details of your creative journey. Share your tips for staying in the zone!

I like to listen to the music that I think my characters would listen to. If I’m going back to a time where my people listen to traditional songs I’ll listen to those and if I’m writing a character that’s in the 90’s I’ll listen to music from that time. My favorite is when I’m writing angsty young characters and I get to rage out with them to the music.

Tell us about the significance of PARC for the development of your company. What was the importance/ impact of our services for your organization?

PARC has helped me so much over the last couple of years. Being apart of PARC makes me feel like I always have folks and mentors that I can rely on. Writing especially during a time when the world is set ablaze can feel really hard and lonely. PARC gives a writing community.