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Sobia Shaheen Shaikh is an emerging creative writer and playwright living in St. John’s, NL who centres anti-racist, feminist, and social justice in her work. She has published short stories “softly, with niyyat” in Us, Now (2021) and “You-See” in Hard Ticket (2022), and a monologue, “Release” produced for City of Stories (2022). Sobia served as a co-curator with TODOS Productions for Confronting Unconscious Bias (2022-2023). She was also a Creative Cohort Resident Artist with Stages of Transformation (2022-2023) (an initiative of the National Arts Centre) (2022-2023). Sobia is currently working on a play commissioned by TODOS Productions, "Braiding Peonies." Sobia is also an activist, community organizer, and social work faculty member whose work focuses on anti-racist feminist praxes and policy action. She serves as a community volunteer in several local and national organizations. Sobia is a founding member and organizer of the Anti-Racism Coalition NL, The Quilted Collective of Racialized NL Writers, and the Creators’ Collective NL: Indigenous, Racialized and Migrant Artists and Arts Workers. FB: @sobia.shaikh, X/Twitter: @SobiaSShaikh, LinkedIn: Sobia Shaheen S., IG: @sobia1970

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