Geraldine Fuenmayor


Geraldine Fuenmayor
Playwright, Actress, Digital Storyteller, and Artistic director
I am a Venezuelan – Canadian artist finding my voice through playwriting, acting, directing and storytelling. As a playwright, In July 2022 I obtained funding to take my first play “Tuberoses, Ginger and other essences” through a phase of development with Handsome Alice. In February 2022 I joined a playwright unite for refugees and immigrants offered by Cahoots Theatre where I started writing a play called “Armonía”. In October 2021, I obtained funding to write and enhance “Tuberoses, Ginger and other essences” in English under the mentorship of Alberta Playwright Network. This script was originally written in Spanish. In November 2021, I participated in a project called “Uprooted”, writing, and performing a short piece called “In and Out of the Closet” with Handsome Alice. As a director, in 2019 I directed my first play “Pequeña Venecia”, and in 2021, I was the director of the play “Rosa de dos Aromas”. As an actress, I have performed in Calgary in six plays, as a member of ExpresARTe. Since early 2020, I became a Digital Storyteller, supporting immigrants and artists to write compelling stories of resilience in two projects “Living Migration,” and “Who am I? Voices of Calgary Hispanic Artists.

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Geraldine Fuenmayor