Christopher Coculuzzi


Chris has been involved in theatre as a producer, playwright, director, and performer for more than 25 years. He has also been an educator for the Toronto District School Board for nearly 20 years. His work as a playwright includes his five adaptations of Shakespeare's plays into theatre-sports hybrids that were written for the Toronto Fringe Festivals 2001-2005: Shakespeare's Rugby Wars, Shakespeare's World Cup, Shakespeare's Gladiator Games, Shakespeare's Comic Olympics, and Shakespeare's NHL (National History League). He has also written adaptations of Villette by Charlotte Bronte and A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. More recently his work has explored the life of 19th century opera singer Pauline Viardot in Piecing Together Pauline (Toronto Fringe, 2012), the impact of the Halifax Explosion on the lives of the working-class Jackson family in Quiet Courage (Toronto, 2017), and the capital punishment of Hilda Blake of Brandon, Manitoba in 1899 in The Murder of Mary Lane (Halifax Fringe, 2022).

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Christopher Coculuzzi