Bronwyn Keough


Bronwyn Keough (they/she) is a gender non-conforming actor, playwright, and director from Newfoundland and Labrador, based in Toronto and St. John’s. A recent Honours graduate of the University of Toronto and Sheridan College’s joint Theatre and Drama Studies program, they are especially interested in the development of new and experimental works, and dynamic adaptations of historical and canonical plays. She is the co-founder of 'No Vowels', an all-women/ GNC improv troupe based in St. John’s, who have produced a total of nineteen unique shows since their debut in 2017. Bronwyn’s time in theatre school was marked by ardent participation in student-run festivals, where they had the opportunity to premiere many of their original works, including 'Under Pressure' (2018 remount), 'The Haunted House' (2019), 'THE ANYTHING PROJECT' (2021), and 'All 3 of My Feelings' (2021). In April 2022 she co-produced the Beck Festival of New Creation for Theatre Erindale, carrying on the legacy of a festival that allowed her to explore and create in a safe and productive environment.
She considers her academic training in dramaturgy, history, and theatrical revolutions from UofT imperative to her career as a growing creator. As a young artist entering the industry, they value accessibility, communication, honesty, and respect. As an actor, Bronwyn is currently represented by Denise Guthrie at Glickman-Alexander Talent Management.

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Bronwyn Keough