Michelle Clemens




Michelle is a writer, director and actor born in St. John’s. Her script Showdown won the 2023 Arts and Letter for Dramatic Script. Michelle was selected by the Playwriter’s Guild of Canada for their Craft Bite International, 2023. Recently, she wrote and directed The Odds of That, a short film released in May 2023. It was selected Best First Time Film Short by 4Theatre and selected for screening at the Parrsboro Film Festival and the Smith Sound Film Festival. She wrote screen plays for several film challenges and Its’s All Fun & Games was selected for screening at the Smith Sound Film Festival. She won an Arts and Letters in 2022 for her poetry. In 2022 her play, Boomerang made its debut in St. John’s and this Christmas, her three Act Play, Mummering, Mischief and Murder: A Tibbs Eve Farce premiered at the Barbara Barrett Theatre in December 2023. Her short story Murder on Milbank won a place at the Memorial University’s /WritersNL Storytelling event in May of 2021. Her essay, The Christmas Stocking, was published in the Writer’s Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador’s E-Zine. Michelle has hosted events for St. John’s Storytelling and has performed her own works The Ruin and Bra Burning at their 2022 fall festival and she presented her “Jill Tale” in their 2023 festival. She wrote several plays for the Children’s Theatre company, Zoo & the Moose. Michelle’s most recent stage performances were Kate in Boomerang, and Clariee in Steel Magnolias. She has acted in several 48 Hour film challenges, including It’s all Fun and Games as Wifey. She is a member of ACTRA and has performed in local TV productions like Astrid and Lilly Save the World and Hudson and Rex. Michelle directed Shrek: The Musical in February 2024 and Bridey’s Birth Control at the Short Play Festival. Michelle graduated in 1988 with the first Theatre Option, in the English Department of Memorial University. She loved every day she spent teaching young people about theatre production and performance, directing, and producing many shows for high schools in the metro region. Memberships: Playwriter’s Guild of Canada Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre Newfoundland Independent Film Cooperative

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