Devin Rockwell




Devin Rockwell is a non-binary, 26 year old interdisciplinary artist- while they primarily work as a playwright and musician, their experience runs the gamut of theatrical disciplines— including directing, acting, and all aspects of technical design (with a particular focus on set, lighting, and sound design). With a background in psychology, (neuroscience) and theatrical studies, along with a deep interest in history and religion, they have sought to combine their eclectic interests into a body of work that uses the esoteric (the cosmic, mystical, and speculative) in service of stories, music, and poetry that are still fundamentally personal. Select composition credits include Concord Floral (TST), Space Girl (Hyperloop), The Tempest (Bard in the Barracks) Recent playwriting credits include Everything is Here (NBActs), Where The Sea Turns White (Herbert the Cow Productions). Their current work, The Dawning Colours, is a magical realist epic set between the Tantramar Marshes, Acadiana (Louisiana), and Una’maki (Cape Breton), and was performed