Sam Sullivan




The first time Sam was on the stage she was three years old and dressed head to toe in a furry pink bunny costume. Since then she’s only gotten more ridiculous. Originally from St. John’s, NL Sam spent her teen years smoking weed and drinking in the woods. She also tried some theatre on the side and wrote, produced and directed her first show at 17 years old a part of a high school co-op class and starred her best friends. In her 20’s Sam started doing burlesque and moved to Montreal. In Montreal, she met a bunch of freaks and joined a queer performance collective named Glam Gam Productions in 2010. Emits the most diverse group of queerdoes she co-wrote, produced, directed and starred in various vaudevillian shows (over 20 titles in nearly 9 years including original musicals theatre pieces titled Turning Tricks, Peter Pansexual and Greasy: a lesbian love story). These shows brought together folks from various backgrounds and talents and were aimed at subverting mainstream narratives that have oppressed so many of us for entirely too long. They also worked with organizations such as AIDS Action Now and Stella Montreal. In 2018 the troop disbanded and Sam branched off with another former member to start their own production company Productions Presents. Sam and Erik co-wrote, directed and starred in the 2019 Fringe Montreal award-winning immersive threats piece The Man Behind the Curtain (an off-Fringe show set in Sam’s apartment). The same year Sam also directed the award-winning one-person clown show Fairy Fails. Productions Presents have also released a short film titled “, smoking a cigarette” and various online bits. Then, the pandemic hit and Sam has spent the past several years doing her best to survive and finish a PhD (timeline TBA). After a devastating divorce and moving back to her hometown St. John’s, NL in 2022, Sam is only now getting her life together and trying to make some art again.

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