Belinda the Bicycle Witch

Shelley Thompson
Comedy, Musical, Theatre for Young Audiences
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​Belinda lives in Spokesville: a forward thinking place where all the business of the town is carried out on bicycles.  So when Belinda, a modern, funky, garden loving witch, is presented with a town crisis where “every cycle has seized up” she has to take a bicycle by the bicycle horn, and put things right.  This is no simple task. A wicked spell has been cast on the town’s bicycles by Belinda’s nemesis, Moxy – a very bad tempered witch. The town council’s request that Moxy clean up the toxic mess in her front yard has resulted in a major temper tantrum, and the “cycling short circuit” which has Spokesville at a Standstill!

In order to get Moxy to lift the spell, Belinda has to face her old rival, and her own fears, and overcome them for the sake of her community.  She has to learn to ride a bike.  In doing so she makes a new friend where she thought she had an enemy – young Sam, the local Scallywag.  The lessons learnt through music and comedy in this piece embrace not just the obvious environmental ones about sustainable energy, transportation, and ecology but also, building trust, refusing to take people at face value, and learning to be a friend.

Production History

​First produced at the Festival Antigonish Family stage in 2007, followed by a run in Wolfville, at the Al Whittle Theatre, by WIllpower Theatre.

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Shelley Thompson
902 872 1320/405 2450