Sara Tilley
Comedy, Drama
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Adapted from 3 texts by Frank Wedekind: Pandora’s Box, Earth Spirit and The First Lulu. LULU tells the story of a young woman’s rise to fame, riches and a constant bevy of admirers, and her transformation into a murdress, a convict, a cholera victim, and her eventual end as a prostitute on the streets of Paris, under the sway of a man named Jack with a large butcher’s knife. Brutal observations on sexual politics meet a surreal, shocking and circus-like universe of strange characters – schoolboys, strong men, morphine addicts, choreographers, painters, foreign princes, lesbian countesses, all of them obsessed with attaining Lulu, most of them driven to death as a result. This script retains the original spirit of the original Wedekind texts while modernizing the language and streamlining the story through amalgamation of minor characters and scenes into one 2-act play.

Development History

This script received a reading through the Open Actor’s Studio reading series in 2005, St. John’s NL.

Production History

Produced by She Said Yes! and White Rooster Theatre in 2006 at the LSPU Hall, St. John’s. Directed by Sara Tilley, and featuring Kira Sheppard, Ruth Lawrence, Steve Lush, Brad Hodder, Mark White, Sean Panting and Chuck Herriott. Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council.

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Sara Tilley